Straight out of the energy industry

Digital solution provider with a collaborative and agile mindset

We didn’t start in a garage

Even though we are a dynamic start-up, ZEVIT was not born from a garage, but was derived from some of the largest Field Service companies in Denmark. 

After having spend more than 9 years digitalizing the Field Service departments of one of the most influential companies in Denmark, Anders Hvashøj founded ZEVIT back in July, 2017, to provide proper consulting based on true domain expertise and inside experience. 

Soon we saw our customers struggling with systems that was too heavy and rigid to integrate and too hard for users to operate. We wanted to build a lightweight and user friendly solution to fast-track our customers in digitalizing their asset integrity, and building a single source of truth – and Asset Integrity Hub was born. 

We are agile

We listen

Every project starts with a thorough analysis of the business challenges, digitalization goals and the end-users practises

We design

We believe useful solutions always starts with involving the end-users. We love to spend time exploring ideas with users to find the very best solution.

We build

We live and breathe agile software development. By releasing our builds every month, we keep testing our solutions in the real world

We repeat

We are not done before true value has been created. We are partners for our customers, and believe that longlasting collaboration yields the best solutions.

We don’t think alike

In ZEVIT we all think differently – and we are proud of it. In order to create true value for our customers we always work in teams with a harmony between business, humans and technology. 

This also means that every single employee in the team is working very close to our customers and their problems. We believe that only with a thorough understanding of the business problem can we create solutions that works in real life – wether we do software engineering, architecture, consultancy or design, we always work from the problem to find the best solution.