Breaking down silos

Asset Integrity Hub is an ecosystem made to bridge the gap between departments regarding asset data management and operations.

Collect. Organize. Analyze. Exchange.

Asset data flows across the entire organization. Collect data from various resources; field service, assets, signals. Organize it in a standardized designation structure. Analyze your data by extracting it from the open APIs and exchange the it easily across departments and organizations.

RDS Designation

Get a standardized reference designation system, that can be configured to fit your special business needs and practices.

Open APIs

No more data wrangling. Access and extract all your asset and maintenance data easily and instantly through the open API. 


Streamline your asset structure with a standardized data format for the exchange of data in the maintenance process.

Speak the same language


Start speaking a common data language all across your organization. Get rid of hard-to-access spreadsheets and start streamlining your data structure. Asset Integrity Hub will help you harmonize your asset data, so you always have one source of truth – and a common data language for it.