Take it step by step. Asset Integrity Hub is an ecosystem build of different modules that allows you to start with the basics and advance in your own tempo. 


Designate all your asset data in one RDS-PP compliant standardized reference system. All events, inspections, swaps, repairs are all linked so your maintenance data is ready for analysis.

Designation templates

Assets are not all the same. Configure your own designation templates for your assets

RDS-PP Compliant

Get a standard reference designation system taylor-made to your business

Applier languages

Set up multiple data languages and codes specific to your plant location

Dynamic Properties

Don’t just adapt to a generic data set. Configure, maintain and store your business specific data. 

Asset Explorer


Get the full picture. All your asset data, inspections and repairs all in one nice and easy-to-use place. Asset explorer gives an exhaustive overview of all your industrial assets and the data associated with it.

Service Inspections

Why just create a PDF report when you can turn your inspections into usable data? Our inspection module will allow you to perform, manage and collect all the inspections, repairs and swaps from your field service operations in one place. All ready for analysis. 

Inspection templates

Configure your inspection templates for common field inspections

Assessment templates

Handle and organize all your maintenance data around components


Generate detailed customer PDF reports in one click

Previous inspections

Access all the work done on particular components

Bulk-upload pictures

Drag and drop all your pictures and upload them to the inspection at once

Upload documents

Keep everything in one place. Upload work instructions to your inspection templates

Report templates

Set up templates for your customer reports, so you don’t have to confine to a generic layout


Sign every report in one swift movement

Failure management


Store and manage failures from field service ready at hand for analytics. The failure management module allows you to take your failures all through the process. From registration to investigation cases to failure types and solutions.

Register failures

Register field service failures according to ISO T32 failure registration standard

Failure taxonomies

Failures are not always named the same. Configure your own failure language to use for each of your plants

Failure types

Get an easy overview of your commonly known failure types and the affected population

Investigation cases

Handle your investigation cases and their statuses, so you can find new failure types


Fast return to service. With a vast solution catalogue you can always find the right solution to a known failure

Risk population

Support analytics and setup all the equipments that are in risk of being affected by a failure