Accelerate your digitalization journey with us

Accelerate your digitalization journey with us

At ZEVIT we strongly believe that empathy, collaboration and expertise is key to a succesful digitalization. We have often witnessed failing IT projects because the right people were not involved at the right time in the process.

We apply design thinking to make sure that we always take a human-centered approach. Together, we can  create the right solutions for real problems that actually creates real value for real people.


What challenges does the future hold for your company? Together with you we define your business goals and consult on a sustainable digitalization strategy that will help you stay ahead — also in 20 years. 


We believe that understanding the problem is key to finding the right solution. We dive into understanding the the broader process-level and empatizing with the individual end-user. How do people work together? How is data flowing around in your organization? How is the daily work-life and challenges of the end-user?

Create and test

We think involvement and implementation from the beginning of every project. With design workshops and prototyping we ideate together to explore the challenges and solution space. Afterwards we provide a thorough report of the insights, prioritized user stories and estimates.

Build and test

Working from a now prioritized backlog we develop high-fidelity prototypes to make sure that we are working on the right solution. Working from an agile methodology and a strong technical foundation we build the code.

Implement and advance

A project is not complete before we have secured the true value and impact we visioned. We are ready to support and advise in the business implementation with user-training and acceptance tests and secure the feedback loop, so we can improve the user experience continously.