#1 Performance and CMMS software for renewable assets

Realize 50% reduction in downtime by implementing best-in-class asset management practice

Trusted by leading industry players:

“The way all modules are centered around the asset is crucial for building lifelong asset integrity. All work, risks, deviations, signals and equipment tie into the asset core. This allows Asset Integrity Hub to be a fully integrated, holistic and intelligent asset integrity system. It is the key to providing efficient, smart calculated asset operations.”

Magnus Blomquist

Senior Asset Integrity Specialist, PEAK Wind

The key elements of a modern CMMS prepared for AI:

Work and Suppliers

Manage your maintenance work and seamlessly collaborate with your contractors.

Capture all tasks, service reports and test result with AIH innovative Activity concept, and keep track of the full service history.

Inspect and Process Failures

Take proactive actions based on structured capture of observations and deviations during inspections and service.

Collaborate across your organization to effectively diagnose and make sure you treat the asset with optimal response, fastest possible.

Risks and Mitigations

Identify possible systemic failures in advance and define their causes.

Increase your First Time Fix and enable faster diagnostics based on global catalogue of possible failure mode and troubleshooting guides.

Prevent and Predict

Keep track on all demands for an asset at one place. Predict failures and fully enable the shift from time-based to condition-based maintenance.

Get the full overview of plans, monitors and alerts.

Report and Analyze

Custom reporting  and analyse as you like. Get overview in dashboards, export in exccel readable formats, create PDFs or use our highly advance query engine.

It is all at your fingertip, made to bring you the overview needed in your business.

Assets and Designs

Control your Assets already from design-stage throughout construction till end-of-life.

AIH Asset Registry is unmatched in its unambiguity, flexibility and ability to analyse all related data from multiple aspects. IT is made for renewables, RDS-PP and RDS-PS.

Asset Integrity Hub enables proactive field service and faster diagnostics


Asset Integrity Hub (AIH) is an industry grade tool for asset integrity management and CMMS, that enables proactive actions, faster diagnostics, first-time fix for improved plant availability, as well as a full service and failure book during and at end of contract for life extensions and upgrades. 

Speak the same language

AIH enables users across departments synchronize their efforts while using standardized terminologies.

Start speaking a common and standardized data language all across your organization. Get rid of hard-to-access spreadsheets and start streamlining your data structure across processes. AIH will help you harmonize your asset data, so you always have one source of truth – and a common data language for it.


AIH provides a framework for high quality data collection that is easily accessed for advanced analytics.

Asset data flows across the entire organization throughout various business processes. Collect all your asset install base, field service, sensor data and organize it systematically in one place. Extract your data easily from AIH open APIs and feed in advanced analytical models. Automate the deployment of any model in AIH cloud.

Monitor your assets

AIH allows to harvest data-driven and actionable insights from deployed analytical models and monitors.

Start your day with the overview of your assets and act on the most vulnerable ones in your portfolio. Mitigate the risks of expensive maintenance by acting in advance and preventing consequential damages. Exchange insights across departments and partner organizations  to align on your efforts in increasing the reliability of your assets.