Inspect and control snags

Paperless, accurate data collection and reporting


The inspection and snag management solution is state of the art. Through the flexible form builder, reusable templates and activities are customized to match your needs, while structuring the data, ready for AI.

The solution is proven to work across multiple ares like high-voltage work, mechanical work, surface treatment and QHSE registrations

“The app is very straightforward and easy to use. I really like that I can create an activity, add inputs, pictures, link a deviation and then close it. So that everything related to the activity is collected in one place, and I can just move on to the next activity.”

Offshore Technician

Global offshore service provider

Use the intuitive form builder to fully customize your lists
  • Specify inputs for each activity
  • Add short and long text instructions between inputs
  • Make yes/no, number, date and drop-down fiels
  • Make your own drop-downs and picklists and reuse again and again
  • Reuse activities across multiple forms


Turn existing checklists into smart work packages using reusable activities
  • Enable knowledge creation by constructing forms from reusable activities
  • Enable AI analyses and efficiency improvement by being able to understand performance of same activities in different work packages
  • Analyze your data by; Activity Template, Activity Type, Asset, System of Activity, Location and much more
Go mobile, go offline!
  • Synchronize your relevant Work Items to keep with you, offline in even the most remote places
  • Simple, intuitive interface, made for real-world techs
  • Capture photos, test-results, meter readings and turn your real-world eyes into valuable data.
Accurately capture all needed information:
  • Get clear overview and filter for outstanding registrations
  • Follow preset instructions from the template
  • Capture pictures, meter readings and findings
  • Register snags, deviations and QHSE issues directly at the fingertips
Create and manage snags across multiple inspections
  • Create snags based on your pre-defined types
  • Classify snags specific to each type, to fully match your needs
  • See the full timline of all activities, see who changed what and the primary root cause
  • Determine further actions issue aaitional work
Generate beautiful PDF-reports, export your data or get notified
  • Customize reports with your own logo
  • Get personalized reports setup specifically to your needs
  • Extract data to Excel/CSV directly from the front-end
  • Get notified when work and activities are completed

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