Process failures, learn and mitigate

Collaborate across failures, risks and mitigations for optimal response


How you ever wondered why failure databases for different compoenent types, your risk reporting and the detailed asset registry is spread across multiple different tools? We have made it integrated. Cause only by then we can collaborate, systemicly learn, autocalculate failure predictions and get real asset integrity.

With the AIH failure and risk modules you finally collaborate across your organization to effectively diagnose, share mitigations and make sure you treat the asset with optimal response, fastest possible.

Get the full overview of all identified failures across component types, their failure modes and mitigation status
  • Multiple dashboards showing overviews of all open failures, the processing time, criticality and business impact
  • Get your own custom dashboards
  • Save and image or PDF and share with colleagues and customers
Process failures
  • Store and manage failures – ready ready for analytics
  • Take your failures all through the process. From registration to investigation cases to failure types and solutions
  • See processing time, set status, comment and collaborate
Configurable and standard failure modes
  • Failures are not always named the same. Configure your own failure language or take advantage of our pre-defined indsutry-aligned failure classes.
  • Align taxonomy across your organization and component types
  • Get one common database and processing practise for all failures
Get all your failure mode and risk assessment at one place
  • Aut-calculate standard measure like MTBF and turn qualitative assessments into queatitative business score
  • Make and store the results of your FMEA, FMECA or any other analysis type used. Analysis types can be easily configured
Collaborate across your organization
  • Make change request directly from within the software
  • Setup reviewers and approver
  • Get notified, comment and approve
  • See the full tracelog of changes approved
List and priorities mitigations
  • Colelct best-practise on mitigations for each specific failure mode and risk
  • Link to standard reposnses and work instructions

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