Work Management

A simple, yet flexible way to handle all your work


Whether you have your own maintenance organization or you rely on suppliers. Whether you perform proactive inspections, construction progress tracking or you are out to perform reactive repairs. AIH Work Items is developed to help you host the full overview of your service book, your ongoing work or your backlog of yet unplanned tasks.

Build work items around meaningful Activities:
  • Capture pictures, PDF reports and other relevant files
  • Directly embed technician instructions
  • Assign each activity to relevant asset object
  • Set responsible and control access to change of each check
  • Capture all tasks, service reports and test result in one simple, yet flexible way
Go mobile, go offline!
  • Synchronize your relevant Work Items to keep with you, offline in even the most remote places
  • Simple, intuitive interface, made for real-world techs
  • Capture photos, test-results, meter readings and turn your real-world eyes into valuable data.