The domain expert engineers and administrator users of Asset Integrity hub can now configure failure dimension taxonomies (mode, cause, and mechanism), to be used when processing failure registered during inspections!

This new feature  is the extension of the existing failure dimensions set up functionality, but with the advantage of allowing the user to to configure multiple failure taxonomies for each designation line. In this way the users can control the relevant failure dimensions for each component (functional location) and avoid that irrelevant failures are selected on a particular component during an inspection. 

The main benefit of this advantage is that while the default failure taxonomy, governed by ISO 14224 will always remain in the system, it very easy to set up multi-level taxonomies and edit them when needed. When a taxonomy is no longer needed, the users can delete it. It is also worth mentioning that when deleting a  taxonomy, the dimensions will deleted as well. The default dimensions will always stay.

Stay tuned to further updates on failure dimensions taxonomy configuration!